Training Evaluation  

All courses accredited by PTUK have to have a stringent method of quality management such as APAC's own four level Kirkpatrick based model of training evaluation which measures:  

Reaction – the participants' responses to the training – most training providers use this method – in many cases this is the only stage used.  

Learning - through the assessment of what has been learnt – any course accredited by a university will have a scheme of assessment, often based on tests and other written work. This is insufficient for experiential work. The APAC model uses additional methods.  

Behaviour - what impact has the training had on changing the therapeutic work with the children? Very few training organisations include this stage and it is indeed the most difficult to implement.  

Results - what results (in this case clinical) has the trainee achieved. This is the most important of all – it’s what the training is all about. PTUK leads the world in insisting that accredited courses provide this evidence.

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