Career Development in Therapeutic Play & Play Therapy  

Introduction – The Need for Practitioners of Therapeutic Play  

PTUK estimates that there is a latent need in the UK for at least 15000 practitioners using therapeutic play, creative arts and play therapy skills. There are probably less than 1000 therapists at present with the level of expertise that is required so there are plenty of potential career opportunities.  

We encourage new entrants to the profession and professionals with existing experience of working therapeutically with adults or others who have experience of working with children.  

PTUK has developed a Career Development Map (in 2 parts) and a four stage training model as a part of the Profession Structure Model. These provide considerable flexibility in terms of previous career background and aspirations to cater for as many people as possible. More recently (2006) a Systemic View of Play Therapy Practice has been developed. This may also be used as a guide to career planning.  

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