Our Values  

The values of an organisation look back in terms of reflecting its origins, the present - its ethical framework and also look forward as determinants of policies.  They distinguish an organisation from others. Here are ours:  

  • RESPECT - respecting human rights and dignity.
  • INTEGRITY - ensuring the integrity of practitioner-client relationships.
  • KNOWLEDGE - enhancing the quality of professional knowledge and its application.
  • ENABLING CHILDREN - to develop emotionally, socially and academically to their full potential.
  • ALLEVIATING - personal distress and suffering.
  • SENSE OF SELF - fostering a sense of self that is meaningful to the person/s concerned.
  • INCREASING PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS - of clients and practitioners.
  • ENHANCING THE QUALITY OF RELATIONSHIPS - between children and children and adults.
  • DIVERSITY - appreciating the variety of human experience and culture.
  • EQUITABLE & ADEQUATE PROVISION - of therapeutic play, creative arts therapies and filial play for children and their parents.
  • QUALITY MANAGEMENT - consciously applying quality management and clinical governance principles to all therapeutic work.
  • ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT - encouraging individuality, innovation, development of a sustainable and efficient organisation; establishing reward systems and incentives appropriate to a caring profession; fostering a ‘can do’ rather than a ‘can’t do’ attitude.  

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