What We Are About

Our Values - The values of an organisation look back in terms of reflecting its origins, the present - its ethical framework and also look forward as determinants of policies.

Our Objectives - Our detailed objectives are set out formally in the Memorandum and Articles of Association.

PTUK History - Play Therapy (UK) – The United Kingdom Society for Play and Creative Arts Therapies Limited (known in short as PTUK) was originally set up in October 2000 as Play Therapy UK.

Who Are We For - Practitioner Membership is open, at various levels, to all those working therapeutically with children and those who have an interest in the subject.

Working With Other Prof Bodies -

Our Purpose and Mission - PTUK intends to lead the way in improving the quality and safety of practice of therapy with children in line with the principles of Right Touch Regulation, the foundation of Government’s health and social care policies.

PTUK Firsts - Play Therapy UK has led the play therapy profession through continuous innovation.

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