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Summer School

Attend our summer school in the south of France. This play therapy programme is accredited by PTUK.  It is the only programme that meets the standards of the Register of Play and Creative Arts Therapists.  This register is managed by PTUK and accredited by the UK Professional Standards Authority.


Play Therapy UK works closely through its affiliation with Play Therapy International in connection with training and professional accreditation standards.

Finding a Placement

Clinical placements are an essential part of training in therapeutic play skills and play therapy. They provide an excellent opportunity for organisations working with children to assess the effectiveness of these interventions in a safe way and at little or no cost. View the available placements for PTUK Students.

News Flash

Call for a Secretary of State for Children Our children may become the least healthy adult population in living memory. The All-Party-Parliamentary group for Childrens' Mental Health has called on the government to appoint a Secretary of State for Children. An on-line petition for organisations and professionals has been organised. If interested please follow the link to make your voice heard and read the accompanying links. There will be an online petition for the public at a later stage. 

About PTUK

Play Therapy UK is the largest and most progressive organisation governing therapeutic play and play therapy in the United Kingdom.

Careers in Play Therapy

Looking for a career in play therapy? PTUK has developed a Career Development Map and a four stage training model as a part of the Profession Structure Model.

Training Courses

Attend a training course.  Play Therapy UK offers a range of fully accredited training courses, and other courses, in therapeutic play and play therapy. 


Membership is available at various grades for anyone interested in working with children using play and creative arts therapies.


How effective is Play Therapy? Look at our research, policies and activies showing between 77% and 84% positive change.


We provide our members exclusive resources as well as lists of publications, books reviews, articles and recommended reading.

Conferences and Events

From a One Day Conference to Our Summer School, find out more about our conferences and events to get your career in Play Therapy started.


PTUK leads the way when setting the standards to ensure high quality of care when play therapy, therapeutic play skills and creative arts therapies are used with children.

Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision is an essential part of working therapeutically with clients be they adults or children.

APAC Course and Career Development
Careers Advice for Play Therapists
Professional Standards Authority

Examples of the PTUK Integrative Holistic Model in practice

Other Important Aspects

Interview with Sir Richard Bowlby at the 2010 PTI World Congress in Marrakech
Interview with Dr Mike Shooter at the 2010 PTI World Congress in Marrakech
Interview with Dr Joyce C. Mills on StoryPlay™

PTUK / PTI Conferences 2020

2020 PTUK Online Conference

PTUK / PTI Conferences 2019

Introduction & Welcome by Monika Jephcott - CEO of PTUK
The Social Mind - Keynote Address by Prof. Louis Cozolino
An Interview with Prof. Louis Cozolino
Sensory Processing in Traumatised Children - An interview with Bonita Fradd & Joanne Bolter
Unfolding Archetypal Images in Sand - An interview with Evelyn Saunders
The Nekyia (Night Sea Journey) into the Unknown - An interview with Naomi Moore
Transforming Experiences Using Clay - An interview with Lynne Souter Anderson
PTUK 21st Anniversary Celebration
PTUK Conference 2019 - Opening Piano Solo
PTUK Conference 2019 - Introduction & Welcome by Monika Jephcott - CEO of PTUK
PTUK Conference 2019 - Phil Royal - Political Advisor (APPG)

PTUK / PTI Conferences 2018

PTUK Conference 2018 - Introduction and welcome by Monika Jephcott
PTUK Conference 2018 - Keynote speech 1 by Dr Janet Courtney
PTUK Conference 2018 - Keynote speech 2 by Prof Francis McGlone
The Neuroscience of Touch - An interview with Prof Francis McGlone
Workshop 1
Workshop 2
Workshop 3