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Accredited Summer School Programme Details
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Summer School in the South of France

This play therapy programme has been clinically accredited by PTUK, PTI and meets the requirements for registration on the Register of Play and Creative Arts Therapists AR approved by the Professional Standards Authority.  It is intended to meet the needs of those who cannot find time during the year to undertake a long term course but would like to obtain a recognised and accredited qualification in the field of play therapy through intensive training.  It is also ideal for professionals such as Counsellors to extend their skills to the younger age group.
A Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills which enables successful participants to practice therapeutic play skills within their own profession eg Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Teacher, Social Worker, Nurse.  This course is available as:
  • 15 days - intensive programme - Certificate starts 23rd July to 6th August 2016
  • Fee - 3150 or 3750 Euro
A Diploma in Play Therapy leading to the title 'Certified Play Therapist'.  Participants will need to have completed a PTUK accredited 'Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills' course, or equivalent.  The Diploma course is available as:
  • 15 days - intensive programme - Saturday 23rd July to 6th August 2016
  • Fee - 3250 or 3950 Euro
Download the appropriate application form for full details and how to apply.

Comments received from the 2007 participants include:

About the course:

'I would absolutely recommend it.  This is a one of a kind course in the world from my research.  I believe it is much more effective than training through random workshops.'

'It's fantastic - it's the best course I have ever attended.  It's been a life changing experience on a personal and career level'.

'Any Counsellors working with children should HAVE to do the course.  I now feel just talking therapies should not be allowed at primary (school) level.  Thank you I will go back a changed Counsellor with many new 'tools' in my box.

'I feel that I have come away with practical and effective tools for supporting children in need, as opposed to a lot of theory, which cannot be transferred to action'

About La Mouline as a venue:

'La Mouline is totally amazing.  It's so peaceful and quiet here - so conducive to confronting our issues.'

'La Mouline is a beautiful, peaceful and relaxing venue.  Great for training on such an intense course.  Nice balance. Loved the pool.'

'Beautiful venue - the atmosphere added to my personal journey'.

Previous years:

A selection of comments from the earlier 2005 & 2006 courses is given below.  The original documents from which these comments are taken may be inspected at Fern Hill by arrangement.

'My life has been changed and enriched by my introduction to non-directive play therapy.'

'I would most definitely recommend the course. It has been a fantastic learning experience in a fantastic location.'

'I have already recommended this course. My belief is that experiential learning has the capacity for the learner to be able to ground the learning. '

'The course has been an incredible journey. I believe that those working with children should undertake this course to understand the inner world of the child and the child as a whole being.'

'This has been an incredible journey for me and I will be leaving La Mouline a much different person than when I arrived. A huge burden has been lifted from my shoulders and for the first time in my life I am FREE!'

'You bet I would (recommend the course). A journey I would not have missed for the world. It has shone a light on what I really want to do.'

'I think more Art Therapists who work with children should extend their skills and begin to work with Play Therapists. The environment at La Mouline seems to help balance out the levels of anxiety which can be experienced whilst involved in this training process.'

'I would recommend the course as it is so practical and is organised in a way that you can continue with your own job simultaneously.'

'I have found the intensive 12 days in France to be an excellent way to learn in a beautiful setting plus the group process facilitated my individual process. '

'Yes I would certainly recommend the course it is essential for people working with children to know and understand how children communicate through the power of play. It has been a challenging course which has been both joyful and painful at times. The intensity of the course has helped me to become aware of my personal awareness like no other course.'

'I wasnt sure what to expect regarding the practical/experiential work. This was really enjoyable and to have most of the course on a practical level was fantastic.'

'I think the way you set up the practical holistic aspects of the programme in terms of food, refreshments, environment, support and organisational back up and places to unwind are superb - I have not encountered this level of thought with regard to holistic health in any psychotherapy training. Well done!'

It is APAC's aim to match the learning objectives and methods between the Certificate and Diploma courses held in the UK and those at La Mouline as closely as possible.  A comparison is given in the table below.


La Mouline Centre

UK Centres

Designed for:

Anyone who wishes to work therapeutically with children who finds it more convenient to take time to attend a course for a continuous period of 15 days in the summer holidays.

Ideal for work situations where holiday time can be used for training so that no supply cover is needed.

Anyone who wishes to work therapeutically with children who finds it more convenient to take time to attend a course for 5 weekends (including Fridays) spread over a period of 9 months.

Courses Available

Certificate & Diploma levels

Certificate, Diploma & MA levels


Certificate course 15 days;

Diploma course 15 days

Certificate & Diploma 5 x 3-days each

MA by dissertation 3 x 2 days

Timing July/August 2 intakes a year (Normally, September/October and January/February)
Content Identical
Faculty Identical

Converted water-mill and atelier.

26 acres - most of the exercises are carried out in the grounds.

Fully equipped air conditioned classroom and tented area.

Full stock of specialised equipment and materials.

Three course lunch, French and English cuisine, mostly home grown produce

Heated outdoor swimming pool on site.

Centres selected for a therapeutic  environment.

Fully equipped centrally heated classrooms.

Full stock of specialised equipment and materials.

Access to university libraries

Two or three course lunch, varies according to location


St Genest de Contest, France

Beautiful Tarnaise country side

Typical weather: sunny and hot

Very rural location - 10 minutes drive to nearest small town

Car rental share or own car strongly advised

See venues; Bristol, Cambridgeshire, Dublin, Edinburgh,  Leeds/Barnsley, Manchester, Tunbridge Wells

Typical English or Irish climate

All centres are either in or 10 minutes from large towns or cities

Course Fees **

Full Certificate: 3050

Full Diploma: 3150

E & OE

Full Certificate: 3050

Full Diploma: 3150

MA: by dissertation: 3300

E & OE

Other Costs* ()







Air Fare (1)

Car Rental (15days)

B&B (15 nights)

Evening meals (15)














Train fares & taxis or car mileage (5)

B&B (15 nights)

Evening meals (15)










Personal processing is deeper at La Mouline for most participants because of the continuous nature of the experiential training.  You must be prepared for this.  Although support is provided please remember that this is a training course - not a therapy group.

Working with children

If you are already working therapeutically with children you may start immediately after the course.  If you are not you cannot immediately start working therapeutically with children, for more information please contact us.
You will require clinical supervision.

You may start after the first module and may bring to each subsequent module your experiences and problems as part of the learning process as well as to your clinical supervisor.


Identical.  Certificate to Diploma to MA and/or Supervisor/Trainer

* These are typical costs. You must calculate your own budget. Generally speaking if you live a long way from one of our venues travel to France is probably a lower cost option!

** Course Fees are subject to change without notice or prior warning, please check with us in case there have been any changes before booking.

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