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This page is your opportunity to announce events, express views etc about playtherapy. Just send them to - we reserve the right to publish or not!


PTUK Conference 2016 - Don't miss the celebrations of PTI's 30th Anniversary!
PTUK Conference 2016 - Early Bird Discount Extended to 9th May 2016!
Additional One Day Course to be Held in Edinburgh on 24th April 2016
Looking for a taster of Play Therapy near London?
Glasgow One Day Introductory Course at Golden Jubilee Hotel, Clydebank
APAC CEO Monika Jephcott One Day Introductory Course running in Bournville, West Midlands
PTI President Monika Jephcott Announces the Play Therapy Asia Conference
Play Therapy Indonesia Announces Course Dates For The Coming Year
Courses at Beaumont Estate, Old Windsor
Unique Qualification at Course in Canada
Adler Play Therapy Colloquium 2016, Canada
Courses running at Trafford Hall in Chester
New Glasgow Venue Offering One Day and Certificate Courses in 2016
Mencap offering DBS Checks
New Counselling Children and Young People Accredited Course
New Venue and Certificate Course Announced at The Beaumont Estate, Old Windsor in Berkshire
First to go MA Cohort through Leeds Beckett University
Summer School 2016 Announced - Opening for Bookings
New APAC Training Venue in the Midlands
PTUK Conference 2016 - Website Details and Booking Form Now Available!
PTUK Conference 2016 Preview: Keynote Announced
ENABLE Conference 2015 - A Great Success!
New Manchester One Day Course Announced
PTUK Conference 2016
PTUK CEO Monika Jephcott to present at ENABLE 2015 Conference
Barnsley Diploma Now Starting 15th April 2016
New Bristol One Day Course Date Announced
New Edinburgh One Day Course Date Announced
PTUK on Facebook
PTUK Conference 2016
Play Therapy in Greece
PTUK Latest Research Results
APAC Learning Management System (ALMS) Updated For 2015
Summer School 2015 - In Pictures
Summer School 2015 - Student Quotes
Summer School 2015 - Another Successful Year
Major Revision to PTUK's Demand Model
NUI (Galway) Summer School 2015
New Introductory Course Announced in Cornwall
Summer School 2015 Started in France
Professional Standards Update - Caerus Review and Plans
Launch of STORYPLAY PQ Course
PTUK 2015 Conference - Record Attendance
PTUK 2015 Conference - PTI Award
New APAC training venues
PTUK 2015 Conference - Minding Metaphors

Only 3 weeks left to the PTUK Conference 2016, don't miss the celebrations of PTI's 30th Anniversary!
Why Wait? Book Now!

PTUK CEO Monika Jephcott has announced that due to the May Bank Holiday the PTUK Conference 2016 Early Bird Discount has been extended until 9th May. Why Wait? Book Now!

Monika Jephcott is pleased to announce an additional One Day Introductory Course will be held at Rosebery House in Edinburgh on 24th April 2016 due to the popularity of this venue. More Here.

PTUK CEO Monika Jephcott is pleased to announce that a One Day Introductory Course will be held at the delightful Trafford Hall in Chester on 7th May. More Here.

Looking for a taster of Play Therapy near London? Our one day courses fill up quickly, UJC in Waterloo is full but book now for Beaumont Estate in Old Windsor on 21st May. More Here.

Glasgow One Day Introductory course the the Golden Jubilee Hotel, Clydebank on 27th February - details here.

APAC CEO Monika Jephcott announces One Day Introductory course in Bournville, West Midlands on 19th March - details here.

President of PTI Monika Jephcott announces Play Therapy Asia Conference starting 15th October - "Harnessing the Power of Metaphor in Therapy with Children"

Play Therapy Indonesia has announced courses for the coming year, as follows:

Filial Play start 14th & 18th March 2016, Jakarta
Filial Play Follow up Day, 20 March 2016, Jakarta
Supervision Follow Up Day ,20th March 2016, Jakarta
Certificate in Clinical Supervision start 5th Oct 2016 , Jakarta

See PT Indo Website

Monika Jephcott announces the start of the MA in practice based play therapy at Old Windsor, Berkshire. See Course Dates

It was announced by Monika Jephcott that the play therapy course starting at Adler College, Toronto, in April will be unique for Canada as the qualification will not only be as a play therapist but also as a Psychotherapist - Click Here For More Details

The keynote speech at Adler College in Toronto will be held by Monika Jephcott CEO of PTUK on 10th of April - Click Here For More Details

PTUK CEO Monika Jephcott is pleased to announce courses running at Trafford Hall in Chester - Click Here For More Details

Monika Jephcott and APAC are pleased to announce new courses running at a brand new venue in Glasgow - Click Here For More Details

Further details about the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel can be found here. One Day Introductory course details here and Certificate course details here.

Mencap offer a saving grace for self-employed Play Therapists struggling to get DBS checked - Click Here For More Details

Monika Jephcott is pleased to announce that our Counselling Children and Young People using Creative Arts course has successfully been accredited by The National Counselling Society.

APAC CEO Monika Jephcott is pleased to announce a brand new venue and Certificate course at the Beaumont Estate, Old Windsor! Click Here For Details.

Monika Jephcott and the APAC team are pleased to announce that our first MA cohort to go through Leeds Beckett University successfully passed through the recent exam board. Twelve MA students went through, six achieved distinctions.

Summer School 2016 Announced - Open for Bookings
Monika Jephcott has announced that the Summer School 15 day intensive training in Post Graduate Certificate and Diploma courses which is held at the tranquil and beautiful La Mouline in France is now taking bookings for 2016. This year the dates are 23rd July to 6th August 2016. This idyllic location in the South of France makes for a perfect summer holiday destination so why not change your future at the same time!

APAC and CEO Monika Jephcott are pleased to announce a BRAND NEW venue in the Midlands - The Beeches at Bournville - with both accredited Introductory One Day and Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills Courses already announced!

PTUK CEO Monika Jephcott is pleased to announce that the PTUK Conference 2016 web page and booking form are now available - book now to ensure your place!

Click HERE For The PTUK Conference 2016 Web Details and Booking Form

Professor Angie Hart is the Academic Director of Cupp. She is also Professor of Child, Family and Community Health in the School of Nursing and Midwifery in the Faculty of Health and Social Science at Brighton University. She teaches professional courses for health and social care practitioners and undertakes participatory research into inequalities in health and social care in relation to children and families.

Monika Jephcott, CEO of PTUK, and Jeff Thomas, Registrar and Research Director of PTUK, presented at the Enabling 2015 conference in London on Thursday. The conference was a great success. A great thank you to the organisers. We are pleased to announce a new One Day course at Pinewood on Wilmslow, Manchester for Saturday 16th April 2016. More details available HERE.

Monika Jephcott, CEO of PTUK, is announcing PTUK's Conference in Old Windsor, Berkshire for 2016. The main Conference day will be on 18th of June . More details to be announced later this week.

The ENABLE Conference is a visionary conference designed to bring together leading experts to provide actionable insights for early years professionals. The conference aims to introduce various pedagogical approaches highlighting the valuable work being undertaken across the sector. The Conference is on 5th November 2015 and held at Copthorne Tara Hotel, Scarsdale Place, Kensington, London.

Monika Jephcott, the head of Play Therapy UK, will explain the workings of play therapy through the exploration of prevention and healing in the lives of children.

If you would like more information about the conference please go to:

The Diploma in Play Therapy to be held at The Northern College, Wentworth Castle, Barnsley will be starting on 15th April 2016. If you would like to book your place on the course please get in touch!

PTUK and Monika Jephcott are pleased to announce that there will be a new One Day Introductory Course at The Engineers House, Bristol on 16th April 2016. More information about One Day Introductory Courses can be found HERE.

PTUK and Monika Jephcott are pleased to announce that there will be a new One Day Introductory Course at Rosebery House, Edinburgh on 23rd April 2016. More information about One Day Introductory Courses can be found HERE.

If you were not aware PTUK is now on Facebook. Please come and visit us there, we invite you to discuss Play Therapy and ask any questions you may have. A direct link is here:

Monika Jephcott, CEO of Play Therapy UK, is pleased to announce that the PTUK Conference 2016 will be held at The Beaumont Estate, Old Windsor, Berkshire. The conference starts on 18th June 2016.

After the success of the first certificate course in Greece, that ended on 6th of September 2015, Play Therapy Greece runs the second certificate course in Athens. The new course starts on 25th of September 2015, full with 18 participants, and will be completed on 3rd of April 2016

Monika Jephcott CEO of PTUK is pleased to announce the latest research results. They show that the average improvement is 77% of children receiving Play Therapy to PTUK/PTI standards and there is no difference worldwide.

For those studying one of our accredited courses Monika Jephcott is pleased to announce that ALMS has been updated with a new look and method of downloading course content and resources.


Post graduate Certificate in Therapeutic Play

'This is an extremely well organised course. The teaching is clear and straightforward. The materials are available, lots of experiential role play and practice.' MT
'A beautiful location with wonderful energy. Superb care was given by all the staff. I am extremely grateful to have attended this life changing course. Many, many thanks to the whole team.' PW
'Monika - thank you for being a life example and inspiration, your vision and passion to help children all over the world. I pray and I believe that the seeds that you and Jeff plant will continuously grow, thrive, blossom and be harvested everywhere.' A

PG Diploma in Play Therapy

'Fantastic, intensive experience, which is largely experiential meaning your learning is really deep, as is the processing.' T
'Thank you for an amazing course which is leading and continuing my journey into becoming a Play Therapist.' G

Monika Jephcott, APAC CEO, would like to thank all those who attended the Summer School at La Mouline, France this year. All students successfully completed their training and the feedback was excellent on both learning and environment. Many had according to the final feedback was a life changing experience.

Monika Jephcott, Chief Executive of Play Therapy UK announced a major revision of PTUK's Demand Model for the UK showing the need for 23370 therapists to work with children.

PTUK’s demand model was originally constructed by our Research Department in 2003 with data for 8900 local areas. It has served our Registrants well. Reports for 340 different areas have been produced, some of them used by many different Registrants. They have incorporated the data showing the estimated demand (need) for therapists in their local area into their presentations to school staff and other professionals and commissioners of services with good effect.

In addition to presenting the data by localities it is now also available for your local NHS Commissioning Group and your MP’s constituency.

The overall demand for Play Therapists has risen in England and Wales from 16377 to 19495 an increase of 19%. This is mainly due to an increase in the number of children in the overall population and the average number of sessions required increasing from 12 to 15.17.

Estimated demand for Play Therapists by UK country:

CountryN% total
Northern Ireland5973%
Total UK23370100%

The new model shows a considerable variation in the estimated number of therapists required by each Local Authority because of the idiosyncratic way in which geographical boundaries are set. Some have very much larger populations of children than others. The five LA’s showing the need for the largest number of therapists are:


(London data is broken down into a large number of Local Authorities)

It is not possible to make a direct comparison with the previous model, that dates from 2003, for every Local Authority because of boundary changes. However in the 313 English LAs where it is possible: 288 show an increase with Haringey, Hackney, Hammersmith, Fulham and Halton heading the list, 8 LAs show no change and 16 show a decrease, due to population changes.

For more information email Jeff Thomas PTUK Research Director at

We are pleased to announce that all Post Graduate Certificate and Diploma students attending the Summer School at the National University of Ireland (Galway) completed their training successfully.

New Introductory Course Announced at Epiphany House, Truro, Cornwall

APAC CEO Monika Jephcott is pleased to announce a brand new one day introductory course at Epiphany House in Truro, Cornwall, on the 5th December 2015. Click for details

Summer School 2015 Started in La Mouline, France

Monika Jephcott welcomed students on the Post Graduate Certificate and Diploma courses from 20 countries at La Mouline, France for the Intensive 15 days Play Therapy Summer School training. A truly culturally diverse training group.

Professional Standards Update - Caerus Review and Plans

There has been excellent progress in our registrants use of Caerus to revalidate in 2015. 69% had submitted their applications by the end of February compared to 10% in 2014. 79% used Caerus, 21% the hard copy Word form.

Play Therapy UK has learnt valuable lessons from the use of Caerus and our registrants’ feedback over the last 12 months. Caerus was originally developed to make the revalidation process more efficient. It has now become obvious that it is the basis of a good record management, reporting and learning tool, which will make it more useful for our registrants. This will be the main driver of future development. There will be only very minor changes for 2016, but we are planning major improvements for you in 2017/18. Please be patient.

The progress upon meeting the new levels of attainment is also most encouraging: 55% of registrants attained the full status; two thirds of the 44% attaining the minimum level met the requirements in three out of four of the sections. The minimum level is that required to meet the PSA standards applied to the accreditation of our register. Less than 1% are in danger of being removed from the Register through failing to meet the minimum standards. These Registrants are being giving a suitable period of time and support to meet the required standards.

The future in the regulation of health and social care is exciting. The accreditation of our Register of Play and Creative Arts Therapists by the Professional Standards Authority is a milestone, an important one, but not the whole journey.

Play Therapy UK took part in a recent seminar run by the PSA reviewing the progress and future of Right Touch Regulation. This was attended by State Regulators, the HCPC and a few Accredited Registers. It was heartening to hear that the policies introduced by PTUK in 2014, position us at the forefront of developments across all health and social professions.

Right Touch Regulation (RTR) is a way of thinking – not a set of rules. It is ‘RIGHT’ not ‘LIGHT’ and can be heavy in its demands, at the right time, as we in PTUK know. Proportionality does not mean ‘light’ – but what is necessary to do the job, which may sometimes entail a lot of work, as again we recognise. An important factor is the quantification of the risks to improve the management of them. It is difficult to identify a problem unless we know what’s going on so we need to collect data. The RTR practitioner combines clinical, professional and communication skills.

The PSA standards will change so PTUK policies will change accordingly. The first one to change will be Standard 9 Education and Training. We have been closely involved in these consultations and in PTUK’s 2015 revalidation we trialled the proposed new requirements to help the PSA. Don’t worry! These changes are very unlikely to affect any of our registrants.

Monika Jephcott introduced Dr Joyce Mills who gave the keynote address at this years PTUK conference. She is the world’s ‘guru’ in generating therapeutic metaphors and this was received with rapturous applause. Joyce also presented an afternoon workshop.

Over the years Joyce has developed a unique training model called ‘STORYPLAY’ which she has adjusted to a new 7 day Post Qualifying course to meet Play Therapy UK’s and Play Therapy International’s registrants’ needs. This exciting new programme was launched at the conference.

PTUK 2015 Conference - Record Attendance

This year’s conference, held at Stoneleigh Abbey, Kenilworth, achieved a record attendance - 620 delegate days, over the week. The plenary session, with over 200 attendees was completely sold out. We were sorry that some had to be turned away. We have now reached a size where it is difficult to find a venue that is cost effective for 300 delegates, so we are initially restricting applications for our 2016 event to PTUK registrants.

Monika’s address at this year’s PTUK conference concluded with a Play Therapy International award to Jeff Thomas for his outstanding contribution to the profession over a number of years. Previous recipients include: Violet Oaklander, the eminent child and adolescent psychotherapist and Camila Batmanghelidjh, CBE, best known as the founder and chief executive of Kids Company and Monika herself in 2001.

The Academy of Play and Child Psychotherapy (APAC) is the only training provider accredited by Play Therapy UK to provide entry to the Register of Play and Creative Arts Therapists accredited by the Professional Standards Authority.

APAC announce two new venues for the Post Graduate Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills and The Post Graduate Diploma in Play Therapy:
  • Stoneleigh Abbey, Kenilworth. Ideally placed for Birmingham, Coventry and all of the West Midlands, with easy motorway access – first course started June 2015
  • Ennismore Retreat Centre, Cork, Ireland – first course started 10th of July 2015
This brings the number of APAC course venues to 10 in the UK, 3 in Ireland and 6 overseas.

PTUK 2015 Conference - Minding Metaphors

Monika Jephcott opened the plenary session with an inspiring address. She spoke spontaneously from her heart showing her passion for helping as many children as possible and the need for professionalism in addition to therapeutic skills. Monika outlined how Play Therapy UK had grown from an introductory course, with 12 participants, held at Fern Hill, Fairwarp in 2000, to the largest Play Therapy professional organisation with a Register accredited by the Professional Standards Authority with over 1500 registrants. She thanked all delegates for their steadfast support over the years in making PTUK’s programme of continuous innovation possible and in particular the recent raising of our standards of implementation to give the children the quality of therapy that they deserve.

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